The Village

Advisory Board

Kathy Champion, LTC USA Ret

Diane Day, Coldwell Banker

Monica Serada, MSG USA Ret

Kim Siewart, MAJ USA Ret

Board of Directors

Paul Branesky, USN PO1 Ret

Sandy McGinley, USAR SGM Ret

Phillip Meskin, SSG USA

The Veterans We Help

Jon F. (70 y/o Navy Nam Veteran) was dropped off at the Bill Young VAMC Emergency Department from a local homeless shelter in St. Pete, FL.  He had dementia but told everyone that he was a Navy Veteran.  He knew is Navy Service Number, Rank and date of discharge.. But he had no proof as he had no ID of any kind.

We knew Jon was a Vietnam NAVY Vet because No One could make up stories like the ones he would tell us over and over and over!

Jon was in a very debilitated state from being homeless. He knew he had had colon cancer had both chemo and surgery in the past he is incontinent of bowel & bladder. He was admitted to Bay Pines VA on humanitarian grounds. Social workers contacted Veterans Village, because no other “AGENCY” would take him without proof of identity!  We took him into the Village and provided Jon with Food, clothing, medical needs and companionship! The other Veterans at the Village made sure that he ate and had the supplies he needed. The Board of Director’s paid for ALL of Jon’s needs. 

We found a phone number in his pocket for his son Jon Jr who lives in New Jersey! After much conversation with his son we were able to get the information needed to assist Jon in getting his ID so that we could apply for his benefits.

Obtaining Identification in the 21st century is very difficult. States want proof of ID to send you NEW ID! It took the assistance of two Congressmen and about 160 hours of time over a 75 day period to obtain Jon’s Birth Certificate, Social Security, Food Stamps, Florida ID and Finally VA eligibility!  

As soon as Jon had his VA ID we took him straight to the emergency Dept at Bay Pines where he was admitted and remained hospitalized until social services got him into a memory care unit Assisted Living! Jon is now well cared for in a facility that is equipped to handle all his physical and mental needs!


Donald G.